At Micro Informatica, our commitment to excellence extends beyond products; it’s ingrained in our sales and service approach. Our well-trained and courteous representatives specialize in computer components, peripherals, Notebooks, and accessories. Fluent in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese, our sales force is equipped with specialized knowledge tailored to meet the unique conditions and needs of our diverse customer base.

Sales and Service Excellence

Key Features:

Expertise: Frequent in-house training and global vendor-sponsored seminars keep our sales reps at the forefront of industry innovations.

Direct Communication: Every customer, regardless of company size, can communicate directly with upper management and our owner, ensuring personalized attention.

Competitive Pricing

Micro Informatica is dedicated to maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate through extremely competitive pricing strategies. We consistently study the market for appealing and sought-after products, cultivating strong relationships with manufacturers by ordering in massive volumes. This approach enables us to provide better services, pricing, and product availability.

Pricing Strategy:

Efficiency: Operating with minimal overhead, we ensure cost-effectiveness at our Florida location .

Inventory Turnover: We strive to turn our inventory at least five times a month, guaranteeing the bare minimum prices for our customers.

Sales Inquiries

To discuss our product offerings, pricing, or place an order, contact our Sales team at 305-418-3200. We’re here to help you find the best solutions for your requirements.

For sales-related inquiries, reach out to Our Sales team will assist you in making informed decisions for your technology needs.

To use this contact method, we suggest first sending an email to the sales department ( to be assigned the appropriate sales representative.

Hardware Essentials

Micro Informatica offers three lines of specialized computers.

The first line is aimed at high-performance gamers.

The second line is targeted towards Artificial Intelligence, also aiming for high performance.

The third line is targeted towards crypto currency mining computers.

In these segments, we provide all necessary components for production as well as pre-assembled computers, customized according to the presented needs.

Please note that specific components for these two segments are handled under a “special order”.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with your needs.


Welcome to the world of Free Trade Zones (FTZ)!

These warehouses are strategically positioned within the borders of the United States but treated as if they are beyond U.S. customs jurisdiction.
They are designed to empower American companies in global trade, offering competitive advantages.

So, how do warehouses in this mode work? They serve as gateways to import various goods without heavy import duties or complex customs procedures. Through regulatory procedures, customs clearance is required for goods you plan to remove later.

By using these procedures, there is no need for guarantees for the goods, and you can choose when tariffs apply – upon entry or shipment. If you are looking for significant cost reductions, then take advantage of benefits such as exemption from inverted tariffs, tax exemptions on re-exports, and even elimination of taxes on waste or scrap. Also, don’t forget that gains are increased through quality control, compliance, and inventory monitoring. You can also carry out various operations such as assembly, testing, and even manufacturing, always with the appropriate permissions.

Micro Inform├ítica’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) service is a strategic solution for companies looking to streamline their logistical operations and maximize their results in international trade, minimizing costs and therefore maximizing profits. Our FTZ service enables companies to efficiently store, handle, and distribute goods, taking advantage of the tax and customs benefits available.
Rest assured, our highly specialized team provides comprehensive support, from inventory management to compliance with customs regulations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.